Dispatches from Solid Sound

Live from North Adams, MA
Photos by 5342 Studios

ANOTHER YEAR IN NORTH ADAMS - Close to 6,000 music- and arts-crazed enthusiasts from the four corners spent their weekend in the bucolic splendor of the museum-culture and slow pace of North Adams, MA. It was two days of celebration and tranquility curated by WILCO and friends. The Arts, Music & Culture on the menu were impressive. What we didn't expect - and perhaps we should have - was the pounding June rain which dampened the ground intermittently but didn't end the festivities... Concertgoers were driven inside the museum where they took in art until the rain surrendered once again to good times. Children danced, parents mouthed the words, couples kissed and the audience swayed to the songs...

New Zealander Liam Finn stole the show

Liam Finn - "Cold Feet"

Genre-Crasher Jamie Lidell made audiences move!

Life after Sonic Youth: Thurston Moore rocked!

Thurston Moore - Circulation

Cline & Moore are Pillow Wand

Soul Power from JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound

JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound - Alright


Ryan's Top 5 Sets of Solid Sound 2011:
#1 - Liam Finn
#2 - WILCO
#3 - JC Brooks & The Uptown Sound
#4 - The Autumn Defense
#5 - Jamie Lidell


Anonymous said…
Liam Finn was better than Wilco, huh? Get real dude.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Were you actually there anonymous?
This gets handled real quick, that way.

Secondly - and I really shouldn't have to qualify my own feelings about the shows I see on my own blog, but I will - it's my opinion. And it can't be wrong because it is mine. SEVERAL people I spoke to felt the same.
Jeff Hunter said…
I was there. Great festival. No Thurston Moore in the top 5? For my money, Wilco's Friday night show was the highlight. Hands down. Followed by Thurston Moore and the lovely Sarah Lee Guthrie.
Ryan Spaulding said…
I was impressed by the Thurston Moore set. I actually liked the Sarah Lee Guthrie and Jeremy Irion just a little more. They really, really finished strong on Saturday!

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