Photographic Evidence
by Mark Jenko

We Take You There...
The Silver Dollar - Toronto, ON
for NxNE - 06/17/11

One of the Three Best Shows this yr at NxNE

Crocodiles - Hollow Hollow Eyes

So a little about the NxNE festival and about my intentions this year... I had fully intended (as we always do) in seeing a handful of hot new bands I had heard about and never seen. Plans fail just like their makers. But this is a story of success -- I arrived in Toronto with Crocodiles on my musical 'hitlist' and damn didn't they ever hit it out of the park! How redeeming that it ended up being one of the absolute highlights for me this year... One of the best live sets I have seen anywhere in 2011! Sweet, sweet, beautiful success! With favorable comparisons to both Echo & the Bunnymen [our live photos - Ed.] and The Jesus and Mary Chain (two sounds regularly found in my rotation) this San Diego acts may have the most potential of any of the bands at this year's festival. Mark. My Words. ONE TO WATCH

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