Art Brut tears down the Mod Club

Photographic Evidence
by Mark Jenko

The Mod Club - Toronto, ON
for NxNE - 06/17/11

One of the Three Best Shows of NxNE

Loud and thoroughly intelligent; Challenging, engaging and truly funny... Art Brut's scalding set at the Mod Cafe was like caffeine in the veins. Truly one of the most enjoyable sets of the week - this forty minutes made me a fan for life. NxNE kicked ass and this was one of the reasons why! - Ryan Spaulding

Art Brut
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More from NxNE 2011 is on the Way


KJ said…
Saw them at Brighton Music Hall and the attendance was criminally low. These guys are so great-- awesome music/lyrics, fun to watch perform, and most importantly you can really tell they are having a blast while playing. Eddie's wry personally is hilarious, too.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Just can't say enough words about how much I had underestimated this band and how good of a frontman Eddie is... Oh, and that show at BMH you just attended? Our review and live photos are coming up soon.
KJ said…
Nice! Didn't really notice any press was there, you must've been the only ones! Awesome. And I meant "personality" above, whoops.

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