St Patty's Day at Church of Boston

Photographic Evidence
by Billy Korecki
Thoughts on Shows
by KristaJane

The Scene: Church
Boston, MA - 3/17/11

Clearly St. Patrick’s Day this year was like no other. Everyone was Irish, and Church of Boston was packed with revelers to the back of the room. The intense festive energy and good cheer propelled 6 great local acts (representing the schools of punk, rockabilly, old school hardcore, Celtic and country) as shots of whiskey were handed out to deliver us all to that special place.

Not expecting much from such a young band, the BarRoom Heroes opened up the evening with some good, old, classic punk rock. All between the ages of 10yrs -13yrs old, they proved that while young, they were not beginners. Each had a good command of their instruments. They played a few original songs as well as some classics from bands such as the Dropkick Murphysand the Sex Pistols to name a few.

BarRoom Heroes were very well received by the crowd, many yelling out requests of hits not usually played live anymore. The Weymouth, MA, three-piece is a band to follow and they still have that punk rock sparkle in their eye. They are already opening up for huge Bands like The Dropkick Murphys. I foresee this band being a Warped Tour Headliner in the future.

Next up was another nice surprise, were Dressed for the Occasion (video from St. Patrick's Day, above). I would compare this band to a cross between The Sadies meets The Supersuckers country album meets the humor of Ween and a dash of Tom Waits. A little bit of that rock n roll mixed with clever country Riffs and sick basslines. They are all dressed in what I would call fancy outfits for a Boston band, not taking themselves seriously and not afraid laughs were infectious with this 4 piece straight out of Boston. Couldn’t get enough of this act and the response from the crowd was welcoming as they seem to want more even after the band was finished. I personally will be watching this band in the future.

A change of pace in the line up came from Taxi Driver a Hardcore/Punk band who play simple, straight up old school Hardcore tunes that speak honor and pride along with that good ol’ I don’t give a fuck attitude. If you are a fan of Blood For Blood or Hatebreed type of bands, you should you check out Taxi Driver. As the set went on, the crowd became more energized and the sing-a-long anthems and fist pumping only became more prevalent as the night went on. Taxi Driver is a 5 piece, Guinness-drinking machine that get the blood flowing. Good ol’ Boston Hardcore is what people want to see and that is what they have received. No frills whatsoever, just pure brutality, Boston style.

Playing between each of the band sets was an amazing pipe and drum group called Cu Dubh group specializing in World/ Celtic music, based out of Quincy, MA. Was a perfect fit to the night. Unbelievably powerful and infectious and intense sounds of thundering drums and dual bagpipes, the crowd at church could not help themselves but cling to each other in a wave of what looked like a hundred drunk people trying to dance like Irish step dancers. Everyone laughing and helping keep each other up as the crowd bounced, fell and shouted along to the music. Not a frown in the room, a very happy place. Every person within earshot was dancing. What better way to enjoy the holiday?!

One band in particular had a very special night, The Parasites celebrated their official CD Release at the St. Patrick's Day show. A Three piece from Boston, a mix of members of other bands, Ricky Magic (The Beantown Boozehounds, Pine Box Retards, Photon Torpedo’s, Zippo Raid, Post Mortem) on Drums and vocals; Jesse Cabbage (Calamity, Pine Box Retards) on Upright Bass and vocals; and Tim Gagne (Pine Box Retards) on Guitar and vocals.

The Parasites are an emerging psychobilly band on the Boston scene. A touch of horror, psycho, talent and lowbrow humor all helped shape their set. They played all eleven songs on their new album entitled Make You Sick. The crowd moved and grooved as the set went on. Things got intense and sweaty but the Parasites kept up the momentum with the upright bass shaking the room that commanded attention from the crowd. Fantastic energy. According to their bio on their site, they “were conceived upon the hood of a hearse by a moaning retard gypsy with a seven day curse.” Somehow this strangely is a good description of their music if your imagination will allow. If you love powerful sounds of psychobilly yet have the humor of what one may call “of poor taste” then this band is for you. The belt out songs entitled “Achy Breaky Hooker Heart”, “Midget Porn Boogie”, “Make you sick” and “Knob Gobblin Girl”. They have a fresh new Psychobilly sound that this town has not seen in my opinion since the late 90’s.

You can see The Parasites and pick up their new album at their upcoming show this April 2nd at the Plough N Stars in Cambridge - don’t miss it!


Headliner of the Blowout was none other than our hometown favorites, the Beantown Boozehounds - As usual the entertaining starts as early as the jokes at sound check and the screams from the crowd in anticipation. This hometown 4 piece always delivers an amazingly foot stompin, get your heart going sing-a-long display of Classic Boozehound Drinking anthems. Knowing this band has a reputation for having “feel good” shows where the audience can’t help but sing a long and dance to the hard workin drinkin songs, I was pleased to see they delivered tenfold.


Boozehounds include Chad on Guitar, Mandolin & vocals, Josh Ayola on guitar and vocals, the forementioned Ricky Magic on drums and vocals and Rob Bruce on bass & vocals. These guys have energy that is hard to come by. Crowd participation is welcomed and beer showers are very prevalent. Many up front patrons were beer soaked and smiling by the end of the set. If you absolutely must have a great time then you must see a Beantown Boozehounds show. Great night, great bands. Can't wait until next year!



Anonymous said…
What a great night!! I wish I remembered it a little better. FREE whiskey is not a good idea (or is it).

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