Ivan & Alyosha

Someone You Need to Hear Now
A Soaring New Sound from Seattle

Confirmed for Smoke & Sand
Free Show! Mar 19th - Austin, TX

Seattle four piece Ivan & Alyosha are named after the main characters in Dostoevsky's Brothers Karamazov. There a scene in the story where Ivan and Alyosha discuss the existence of God. Ivan, in particular, questions the idea of God. Alyosha, on the other hand, is a monk, a believer... When Ivan asks Alyosha to renounce his beliefs, Alyosha refuses. Rather than fight, he kisses Ivan on the lips. This band's stories are the same. Lyrical and deep, the songs are stories about life and the things that occupy mens' minds. Earlier the Fathers Be Kind EP, five songs that have quickly won over new audiences. NPR has fallen for their I&A's disarming charm. They recently found themselves the subject of a Tiny Desk Concert, reaching new fans along the way. Disbelievers and Passionate souls, I give you the latest quality band to be added to the Smoke & Sand lineup!

Ivan & Alyosha
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