Bridges and Powerlines - Eve

March 2011
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It gets harder and harder each month to pick the one or two songs - the best album - to bring to your attention. 2011 has been a great year so far for new music. And I know you people are reading and listening. I know you are digesting and I hope you actually help the artists by purchasing the music and the merchandise that helps them continue to make this sensational, heartfelt music. I have had a copy of Eve by Bridges and Powerlines for months now. The band entrusted a copy to me back in the fall and I fell for it almost the very second I popped it in and hit play. There's so many reasons... First off, know that I have been a big fan of the band's quirky, melodic and plodding sound for 4 years now. (Here's one of my two or three favorite BAP songs from Ghost Types.) Basically as long as I've been writing this website. The band has grown, as have we, but one truth has remained constant despite our trajectories - the emotion and songwriting in their pieces have always stood atop the shoulders of giants. This shit is brilliant.

And while it was really kind of nerdy of me to know who Bridges and Powerlines were in 2006, having caught them at dark music halls and assorted music festivals - YOU should definitely know about this top East Coast band here in 2011. They are amongst the very best indie rock bands east of the Mississippi, maybe in the country.

The material on the new album, Eve, is rich, diverse, and deep. As a music promoter, it has been my distinct pleasure to be able to work with Bridges and Powerlines - always a treat to work with those you admire - but the tables were turned at this year's CMJ Music Festival as Bridges and Powerlines could have been the best band (live photos) to play our stacked Beast of the Northeast showcase. Then we had them back to play RSL's 4-Year Anniversary Party. This is my round about way of making it clear that I'm certainly not doing these guys a favor anymore, their ability shines brightly and I'm merely happy to be singing their well-deserved praises. The new video for Mirabell is below. Tour dates, including another RSL show in the near future, lie ahead. Buy the album. This is what's coming up next.

Bridges and Powerlines
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