Bodega Girls to Rock Smoke & Sand

Best Dance Outfit in America?
Smokin' White Hot Right Now!

Confirmed for Smoke & Sand
Mar 19th - Austin, TX


Directed by Paul Proulx & Jessica Sargent (Bennett Media)

On March 15th, Bodega Girls will release their Et Tu Bootay? EP - it's going to be a measure of sweet success for a group that have danced, jammed and remixed their way into a whole lot of people's hearts the last couple of years. The band demolished their set at CMJ this year and in doing so, proved they could handle a big stage. We are absolutely psyched they will be with us in Austin that week to rock Smoke & Sand. Bodega Girls are so white-hot, they're ready to explode!


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Anonymous said…
woa. awesome band awesome video.
Anonymous said…
Makes you wanna take your clothes off! Thank you Bodega Girls!!

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