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Royale Boston Wed, 2/23 - 7:00 pm
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You can read this website every day and two things happen, quite predictably - in fact. You get a good sense of our sense of taste and you can know that what I am talking to you about is worthy of your time. I still like to surprise, though. You wouldn't realize it - but rockabilly is one of my all time favorite types of music. So not only was I elated to hear Wanda Jackson was producing a new album but that it would be given the right treatment - produced and backed by Jack White - at the mantle of Third Man Records.

the Queen of Rockabilly - Wanda Jackson was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, honored with a long-time-coming, Early Influence accolade for her pivotal role in the evolution of popular music, especially where female artists were concerned. As a teenager in the mid-50s, the diminutive Jackson was the first woman to perform unadulterated rock and roll – and she one-upped the boys defining this new genre, Presley included, with her exhilaratingly forthright approach. A tireless touring artist for more than 50 years, Jackson continues to win over new, young fans, including guitarist-geniuses like White - who came to help Jackson develop the works for her new album; The Party Ain’t Over.

Wanda Jackson
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