Stereo Telescope

Electronic Hot Bliss
Someone You Should Know

Smoke & Sand Artist!
Mar 19th - Austin, TX

For some unsigned bands trying to make it - the days, those long weeks and even years of toiling without reward are over. Hard work never hurt but in the Age of Internet Discovery, everybody has a chance. It's not just about access it's about enlightenment - and in this case, great chemistry. Show the music fans what you can do, give them what they really like... open eyes and win over hearts, and things get kind of Viral.

Meet Stereo Telescope - proof positive that Boston electro pop doesn't end with Passion Pit - things just get deeper. Stereo Telescope is Nikki Dessingue (Where the Land Meets the Sea) and Kurt Schneider (formerly of This Car Up). And what the pair lack in band members they more than make up for in ear space. The first Electronic Act to be named to Smoke and Sand 2011. We are delighted to have Stereo Telescope with us in Austin and expect very big things from them in the year ahead

Stereo Telescope
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