Nive Nielsen & The Deer Children

Someone You Should Know
Confirmed at Smoke & Sand
March 19, 2011 - Austin, TX

ONE TO WATCH - Greenland native Nive Nielsen has been selected to play this year's Smoke and Sand showcase in Austin this March. Nielsen, an Inuk - a real Eskimo, and she plays a mean ukulele. The greatest strength here is Nielsen's gorgeous voice. It rises and falls like the sun and a phoenix. The new album, Nive Sings, features a dozen-some players. The live show, which features touring partner Jan de Vroede (keys, percussion, guitars and banjo), makes you truly appreciate what you are seeing. We are delighted to bring you this gift from Greenland.

Nive Nielsen
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Kurt von Stetten said…
Yikes this is a lovely song!
Anonymous said…
Nive's official Facebook page is here:!/pages/Nive/25207491921

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