Kingsley Flood will Play

Best New Music in America
Someone You Should Know

confirmed at Smoke & Sand
Mar 19th - Austin, TX

Kingsley Flood - Devil's Arms
Kingsley Flood by Kelly Davidson

By now you regulars probably realize how fond we are of Boston's own Kingsley Flood, but here we find ourselves in Early 2011 and we're not alone anymore. A whole lot of people out there have fallen for their remarkable stage performances and strong material. The band released Dust Windows - one of Best Records of 2010. NPR picked up on what the band was laying down. They asked Kingsley to record an interview & live session. And then Kingsley took home the coveted Boston Music Award for Top New Artist. I am very pleased and so proud to add Kingsley Flood to our showcase lineup. You do not want to miss this one!

Kingsley Flood
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