Kasey Anderson and The Honkies

the Best New Music 2011
Someone You Should Know

Mar 19th - Austin, TX

Kasey Anderson returns this month with Heart of A Dog, his best work to date - every bit as winning as 2010's Nowhere Nights (2010 Album Buyer's Guide Selection) but there are a number of areas in which it exceeds it's predecessor. The first of these is in Anderson's voice and the second is his music character. Already proven himself to be a strong songwriter, this Portland, OR singer-songwriter sees his personality grow outward to match his abilities on the stage.

Whether he's whooping it up with macho rock n' roll bravado, collapsing into the arms of a lover or challenging the ghosts of country music's past - we find Anderson standing on top. This sampler below showcases Anderson's uncanny ability to light up the imagination of listeners. That's why Heart of A Dog is already one of our favorites.


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