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confirmed: Smoke & Sand
Mar 19th - Austin, TX

Not sure if you've heard, but music blogs - like this one - are your best way to find truly exceptional music these days. Such is the case today. The Gallery are a group from Wilbraham, MA - recently relocated back here after living and touring the south for the last couple of years. During that time they have reached audiences with their popular- and country- tinged rock. And they have only gotten better with all their hard work. The stage is now set for them to become one of the most famous bands in the country. And the only Unsigned band to ever be featured on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

The Best Unsigned Act in America?

The Gallery - Catalyst

The Band [above: Dave Mozdzanowski (bass and vocals), Ryan Cooney (drums), Brendan Cooney (lead vocals/guitar) and Shea Brennan (lead guitar)] could be the best unsigned band in the US anyway, even without all this noise. But the excitement behind the magazine's promotion has elevate their prominence on tour this year. That tour takes a huge turn for the better in Austin to play Smoke & Sand.

It will be a rebirth of sorts, allowing the act to be seen and heard by hundreds of people, impacting thousands more with their music through our promotional reach. Somebody just found their favorite new band. You can thank us later. Vote for The Gallery on the Rolling Stone website. Come and see them in Austin - for free, on us.

The Gallery
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