Filligar to play Austin

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confirmed at Smoke & Sand
Mar 19th - Austin, TX

Having already declared Chicago's Filligar, "One of the Best Young Bands in America," we are absolutely delighted that they have submitted to play our showcase in Austin this year. Smoke & Sand will see a number of artists from different genres but none of them shows more promise than this one. We decided to make the announcement of Filligar's add as the band just learned that they are the #1 most requested band (NEW!) on one Louisiana radio station. While that may sound a little random, it's really not that surprising. Everywhere this band goes they leave behind anxious, devoted fans. Now all those people have a place to be during the festivities in Austin this year!

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Anonymous said…
So excited to see them in Austin. I saw their show this past summer at Stubbs' and they rocked.

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