New Video: Amanda Palmer

New Music Video!
New Album Jan 21st

from Amanda Fucking Palmer and the Young Punx

So when I met Amanda Palmer at the Boston Music Awards, we exchanged pleasantries and I apologized for not mentioning her more on the website. "Sorry about not writing about you all that much in the past." Palmer, quick to not miss her cue, met my response with an uppity stare and a half-smile. "Well why's that?" she said, smiling - clearly kidding, but interested in my response. "I don't think you needed the help." And her musing concern melted to a smile and a brief, but fun conversation. She's lightning in a bottle. So it's with great pride I can think back on the moment on the red carpet (Amanda and Ryan's Smashing Life both won music awards) as I share this new video. Amanda's album, Goes Down Under will be available for purchase in just four days.

Amanda Palmer
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