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the Middle East - Sept 26, 2010

Boston's Best Band is coming off their finest year to date and enter a new age in 2011, armed with new material and a drive - Mean Creek will unleash four new songs this Saturday night (1/29/11) as the Hemophiliac EP is released on stage at the Brighton Music Hall in Allston. Our Boston constituents should attend and plan the show to be full to the gills midnight, so plan accordingly.

If you are new to the band and are living outside of New England, do yourself a big old favor and pick up the EP (Name Your Price) and use the links at the end of the post to check out some of this outstanding act's older music. The Comedian, Mean Creek's full length debut - is remarkable. 2011 holds a number of things in store - let's hope that this band takes the show on the road and exports their sound outside of the snowy confines of New England. Truly magic!

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