Falling for Lovedrug

live photos / appreciation
by 5342 Studios

Lovedrug - SxSW 3/20/10
Emo's in Austin, TX

ONE TO WATCH IN 2011 - Its getting to that time of year when thoughts of SxSW are on the mind. One of the performances I was (criminally) negligent in sharing with you was the Lovedrug show. These four alt-rockers from Ohio simply killed a packed room at Emo's with some charm, powerful tunes and solid dose of general bad-assery. Now, sometimes things happen for a good reason, and perhaps this is one of those times.

Lovedrug has a fair number of albums to their credit and for the last year or so, they have been self-releasing a series of EPs. They are now on to number three and from the glimpses they have been sharing, its going to be another good one.

Lovedrug at SxSW - Emo's - 3/20/10

FIND OUT MORE - Take a swing by their PledgeMusic site or their SoundCloud page where you can check out their covers of Def Leppard's "Hysteria" and Stevie Nicks "Talk to Me". (That's some range). There's also a whole bunch of cool stuff that you can get from their website in return for helping make EP III happen. Take a stroll on over and help support a great band. (You can also download two tracks just for signing up for the mailing list!)


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Unknown said…
In the Sunday morning of the German Public Radio "Deutschlandradio Kultur" they are promoting the music of Lovedrug in a five minute piece.

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