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The soulful Cold War Kids return

Cold War Kids - Louder Than Ever

There may be only types of people in the world... People who have attended a Cold War Kids show and had the band blow your mind (buckle your knees) and then there's the uninitiated. I am always stunned by how well this rhythm-dominated band of soulsters come off. These guys are channeling some spirits. The new album is called Mine is Yours and it's out Jan 25th. What you are reading is a 100% for real, old-school teaser blog. (Sorry, but I'm a fan too!)

The video above is a first look at the new material - it's called; "Louder than Ever"and then there's "Skip the Charades" (filmed live at Jack White's Third Man Records). Mark the calendar to head to the record store: Jan 25. Ladies & Gentlemen, Cold War Kids....

Cold War Kids
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Very nice, thanks.
Anonymous said…
Their last album sucked! But the first one was amazing. So hopefully they go back to that. - THC

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