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Billy McCarthy & Eric Sanderson

ONE TO WATCH in 2011 - The timing of this post on We are Augustines is especially poignant as we unravel our new list of the best live performance acts in America. In 2007, the now defunct Pela stood as #1 of that list. The thunderous Brooklyn 4-piece birthed nights of epic rock and soul stirring drama unlike any act I've seen since.

In the aftermath of Pela's demise, a drummer has retired and two bands have spun off into the night. Three souls, two bands heading into exciting directions. We have written a bit on guitarist Nate Martinez's amazing Thieving Irons. Today we focus on Billy McCarthy and Eric Sanderson's We are Augustines. McCarthy and Sanderson flew out of New York to Canada to work with renowned indie rock producer Dave Newfeld (Broken Social Scene). And the results (at least for now) is Augustine's "Book of James." Head to the band's website to download it!

We are Augustines
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you look pretty and you look pretty good!!

keep me posted on your tours I would love to be there if they go to Exeter or Manchester!!

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