GRAINS from Jim Perkins

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ONE TO WATCH IN 2011 - I've been a fan of contemporary composer and producer and arranger Jim Perkins for his brilliant work in the experimental Ranger3. Trained in composition and audio production at Southampton University, the University of Westminster and privately with Alan Stones. Cinematic and Bold. Mesmerizing and Hopeful. The new album, Grains, is a cerebral masterpiece. Perkins has set a high mark here; gorgeous stuff.

On Grains, the pieces are performed by pianists Ed Cohen, Arianna Palin and Olga Stehzko (with the exception of the twisting, floating epic Chopin Prelude which is played by Jim). This is going to be one you might want to add to your post-holiday shopping list. Grains takes musical influences from Chopin, Satie, Messiaen, Debussy, Feldman, Ligeti, minimalism and combines them with experimental production techniques more often found on albums by the Aphex Twin, The Books and Matmos.


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