Captain Cutthroat

with Morphine's Dana Colley
the Best Shows I saw in 2010....

AN AMERICAN BAND - Captain Cutthroat is an original rock band from just north of Boston, MA. The fiery live act (see below) have released two independent albums in the last couple of years and today we are going to focus on their latest, Maciste - an all-star effort both in terms of sonic achievement in front of the microphone (the band jammed it out with Morphine's Dana Colley on Sax) and behind the boards as well; Neil Kernon, Billy Anderson, and Kris Smith all worked on the ten-track record.

Everytime I Cry live video directed by Alan Mckeo.

SOMEONE YOU NEED TO KNOW - I love writing about bands with completely unique creative footprints and that's certainly the case here. Captain Cutthroat are a rock band with progressive jazz undertones - but this drink is spiked with heavy metal. It's a completely different aesthetic - how the hell does this happen??! I have no idea but it all unfolded in front of my eyes a couple of days before Halloween this year at TT the Bears Place. Colley was a surprise guest with Captain Cutthroat - and did they ever jam! They even played some Morphine that night. I was floored, to put it mildly. This band was just brilliant and the impression this unsigned band left on me will remain long after 2010 has ended. A brilliant, brilliant show - a standout in the year. Indie labels, take notice!

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