30 Years without John Lennon

Remembering the Light
Lennon would have been 70

30 Years Ago Today - the World's Most influential contemporary musician was murdered - shot in the back twice at point blank range. He was more influential than Kings and Presidents. He was bigger than religion. Most importantly, he was a man who had convinced humankind (both those who loved him and those that could never hope to understand him) that small deeds can have a lasting effect. In a sense, he was Art itself. What the world lost, some three decades later is still becoming clear. No need to shed a tear, but if you just can't help it, I don't think anyone could blame you. Remembering John Lennon.


i can't remember what day it was but i got to nyc from california on my way to new haven for christmas the day of the gathering memorial in central park. it was good to be together but "the dream was over". 10 days after i got back from vietnam martin luther was killed, two months later bobby, and now lennon. i know we have to carry on but it really sucks when the few people i could look up to, have some faith in, some hope, get taken out.

rip john, love you and miss you. mark

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