SxSW - Roadside Graves

Photographic Evidence
photos by 5342 Studios

Roadside Graves in Austin

Aquarium Drunkard Showcase
at Lamberts - Austin, TX - 3/18/10

As we look ahead excitedly toward SxSW 2011 (Music is March 16-20th, 2011), I decided to peer back at our 2010 coverage. And some very key performances have yet to be shared. In anticipation of those glorious days in March in which I, and hopefully many of you, will make a religious trek to Austin, TX - we will share these images with you all.

Roadside Graves played the Aquarium Drunkard showcase at Lamberts. What treat it was to see these guys. The New Jersey band totally hit all the right buttons. Powerful country-caffeinated rock, careful lyrics and a strong stage presence put them on my permanent map. Check out the photos and the bonus video below and then head over to Autumn Tone and see what's cookin. Game knows game.

RSL Streaming Photo Album

Roadside Graves
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MEJ said…
Great set of shots!

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