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Eels - Prizefighter

It's Sunday and we find ourselves down to the last 12-24 hours in the balloting for several categories for the 23rd annual Boston Music Awards. There are so many bands we have written about eligible for the prize. And our team at RSL find ourselves up for our first award in the Best Blog category.

Take a minute, if you will, to review the numerous music-related categories and all those bands. Vote for those you know and in our category, visit all the sites and make your decision. It's a very good thing to have an opportunity to be honored by your peers and contemporaries. If you can make it, the award ceremonies will be conducted on Sunday, Dec 5th at the Liberty Hotel. I will be there. Here's your chance to decide which prizefighters take home the trophies... (You knew this thing was going full circle, right?) This is the Eels.

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