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A GOOD SIGN - It's not often that, as a reviewer, I go into one of these promotional pieces having listened to the subject album numerous times before going to press. Generally there just isn't enough time. There's always a stack of unopened music coming through my email inbox and laid on my front door by the Postman. What I do have time for is good music and creativity. Boston's TOTEM will release their new five-song EP this evening and there's not a bad song on this curious, varied and ambitious little album. It's a powerfully creative series of varied tracks capable of challenging and delighting listeners. And most importantly, it's an album of material that sets this band apart from their peers. The sky is the limit and New England may not be big enough to hold them down.

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Totem new!!

TOTEM - The first thing that's going to strike you, as it did me, listening to these tracks is their diversity. I was left puzzled by how polished each was but how different each can sound when compared to the next. A few minutes later you come to realize the mix is more of the band flexing their creative muscle, exploring the space and letting each other shine at different points on the album. And shine it does. The band; Gary Alex: Guitar & Vocals, David Kaslaukas - Vocals, Lee Alex on Bass & Vocals, Mark Matta: Guitar & Vocals, and Doug Reilly on Drums -- have succeeded in make a soft, melodic pop album, with indie rock underpinnings, hard-rock epiphanies and melancholy memories.

RELEASE TONIGHT - The record asks a lot of its listeners but it pays the investment back in spades. I've heard the album straight through some two-dozen times now - it's in my daily commute rotation. If you are in Boston, catch them tonight at the Middle East. If you're reading this from points beyond - check out their pages below!

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Anonymous said…
I went to this show to see TOTEM and have to say that, while I like their music, I'm totally disappointed by the crowd they drew (or didn't draw, as it may have been). The real surprise that night was a band called AUX. Great tunes and they brought the crowd and they were INTO IT! I don't know if you've heard these guys but you should be writing about them ASAP. Just my thoughts. Nice piece on TOTEM though. I like to see my boys getting some press.
Ryan Spaulding said…
Good thing that crowds in pay establishments aren't the only indicator of a band's ability (Especially in this economy!) Totem's album is pretty wicked and while I can tell people about it, you can't make them get there for the shows - or even listen.

AUX are also very good, you have good taste
Unknown said…
I was disappointed with the crowd we drew as well, but grateful for the friends and fans who made it out to support TOTEM, AUX and the entire show. The Middle East Downstairs is a great room and we were honored to play there. You work your best to get people to shows and sometimes you are rewarded with sold out venues and packed houses, but it can swing the other way too. I guarantee you no band was satisfied with the draw they had that evening. We all want better draw. Draw has a direct domino effect on the club, the promoter, the bands, and the bartenders. Better draw means success for all involved. All you can do is work your hardest, play your hardest and share your love of music and hope people will come along. The bottom line is, no matter the crowd, the 4 bands on that bill all played great, so for that, the show was a success. I thank you for listening to TOTEM, thank Chris and AUX for letting us join the bill and Ryan for giving us the forum to be heard.

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