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Boston's The Hush Now are pretty much one of our favorite indie rock bands going (the coolest cats ever and their music is kinda sorta ok...) No but seriously, these guys are making some of the best new music and they aren't completely derivative. That's saying something in 2010 - the year of cookie cutter projects (more than this music blogger has ever seen before.)

The Hush Now - Please Mephistopheles Leave Me Alone
if the player does not allow direct download, follow the link
artwork by James Himsworth

Another good thing about the band? They seldom let a season go by without releasing a free song or two, just letting the fans know they are still out there - laboring away. This year is no different as the band has this new Halloween track for you hipsters out there. For those hiding in caves, The Hush Now spent many weeks this year in a seclusion of their own - working on their new full length record called, Shiver Me Starships. It's a record we have been listening to a ton and we think you're going to be hearing a lot of real soon. If the band is new to you, take a few minutes and listen to the music and discover what all the hell-raising is about!

Oct 22 – Brooklyn, NY
The Knitting Factory

Part of Distiller CMJ Music Marathon Matinee
2 p.m. FREE All Ages

Nov 14 – Northampton, MA
The Elevens

Part of Popfest! New England
8:30 p.m. - Tickets

Nov 24 – Boston, MA
Great Scott

Pre Thanksgiving Spectacular.
with the Fatal Flaw and the Sheila Divine.
9pm – Tickets

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