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FOUR is On The Way - In what we are calling one of the most anxiously awaited new albums of 2010, Bleu will release the new full-length Four on Nov 2nd. Based on what we are hearing it is the Boston-native's best album to date, signaling (perhaps more importantly) a new stage is his artistic career and professional identity. Bleu, who now lives in Los Angeles, has left his label and embarked out on his own - a Kickstarter success story. Kickstarter allows artists to reach out to their fans and support the music that moves them. In providing patronage to the artists, the fans see that the music they love gets made.

Bleu - B.O.S.T.O.N. NEW!
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The Artist-to-Fan direct relationship is prevailing. Clearly. In an attempt to scratch enough cash together to release his new album, Bleu started a Kickstarter of his own (click for an embracing and funny video!) and won the support of 400 devotees.

And instead of the $8K that Bleu had estimated he needed for a new record, he raised nearly $40K which only bodes good things for his many fans. That's a lot of love. And the beat goes on!

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