Ben Harper and Relentless7

Photographic Evidence
by Kira Doucette

LIFE IS GOOD music festival
Blue Hills - Canton, MA 9/11 - 9/12

[Editor's Note: Between the rapid fire CD release schedule this Autumn (seriously bands, are you trying to kill me??) and the bounty of festivals and photos to go through, this is the first you are seeing of the marvelous Life is Good music festival images. Nothing can change the fact that the performances were insanely good and witnessed by 25K attendees. And most importantly, Life is Good ultimately helped raise $600,000 for a children's charity. Bravo!] And now, on with the show. And it only makes sense to start with the best...

Ben Harper and Relentless7
Life is Good 9/11/10

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Ben Harper at Life is Good - Sept 11, 2010

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