Advance Notice
by Emma Dessau

Live in Boston
Wed 9/22/10


RED HOT, and SOMEONE YOU SHOULD KNOW - Phantogram’s debut album, Eyelid Movies is a nighttime background thumper -- for those evenings when zoning out and staring at walls sounds like a great idea. Give it a few listens, though, and you’ll find tracks that make that white wall swirl like you’re on a surprise acid trip.

The Saratoga Springs duo, featuring Josh Carter on the guitar and Sarah Barthel rocking the keyboards, will perform their space-y electronic trip-hoppy goodness at the all new Paradise on Wednesday the 22nd, a perfectly good way to get through the week. Watch this video and check your calendars.

UPDATE: ** For a limited time you can buy Eyelid Movies on Amazon for just $5

Editor's Note: That drone-y beat and low static is catchy as hell. Total winner! (Ryan)

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nishajl said…
Been a huge fan of these guys since last year but keep missing their London shows! "When I'm Small' (dark and trippy) and 'As Far As I Can See' (a little electro-funkier) are my favourites off the album. Nice post.

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