NEW VIDEO - Visqueen

Brand New Music Video
An Artist on the Move!

Rachel Flotard of Visqueen

Visqueen - The Capitol
SxSW Photo Set by 5342 Studios

SEATTLE LOVE - If you like your coffee strong you might just have heard Visqueen one morning at your local Starbucks or peeped the band's singer Rachel Flotard on the Seattle coffee chain's website. There are some very valid reason for the noise. Having only grown familiar with the band's music the last two years, I was completely blown away after witnessing Visqueen's NPR set at Stubbs during this year's SxSW Music Festival. Things continue to look up. The band is clearly focusing on music these days. A new video was released this week on AOL. Since no one saw it there, I thought I might share it with you. Raise a cup of coffee with a friend over this one - clearly One to Watch in 2010.

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Anonymous said…
Best band out there!!

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