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Sarah Cronin + Tommy Allen

Drug Rug - Wintertime

Embracing The Facts - So I had intended on writing you to ask for your support in one of my favorite bands in New England right now. Transportation and friendship are a band's most important tools. That's just the way it is. Sometimes instruments, even, take a back seat to the basics. So I decided to do something to help Drug Rug, who are sans-van (is the correct Latin?) and need to replace their old standby Pee Wee (yes indeed, the van was named "Pee Wee"). In an effort to stay viable as a band and continue their work, bands like Drug Rug are turning to web-based services like Kickstarter to help them reach fans who can help cover expenses. Who says the patronage system is dead?? (If I didn't think Drug Rug was so awesome, this whole piece would be about Kickstarter. Bands with supporters who have considering hanging it up may want to give this a look.)

Well, Sarah and Tommy turned to the fans. That's where I come in - to draw attention to the thing. With the support of fans both near and far, the new van has been funded. So, at this point we are talking about raising funds for their tour. (Which will kick auditory ass.)

Here's the Drug Rug Kickstarter campaign if you want to make a tour donation. Who knows, Tommy and Sarah may buy you a draft when they see you on the road. This is definitely One to Watch in 2010.


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