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Trevor Naud of Zoos of Berlin
all photos by Mark Jenko

ONE TO WATCH - I'm damn happy when things go down the way I predicted. I believe in Zoos of Berlin and I dig their weird, oft experimental sound. So while I certainly didn't discover them, I probably could be accused of being ahead of the curve. Now you can say the same.

Zoos of Berlin have a pop psychedelic sensibility but their beats and song structures are throbbing tales of rock. Structures range from Seventies pop swank to Krautrock-descendant beats. We have 2 new music videos today as well as unpublished photographs of the Detroit four-piece's Boston show this year at Great Scott on April 8th (poster). Images by our own Mark Jenko. The videos are credited below:

Two teenagers are having a romantic night in a desolate location,
until they are menaced by an unseen force...

Zoos Of Berlin - Doctor Vine Passing
from Eric Ogden

Zoos of Berlin

Dan Clark (at left, on bass) with Naud in Boston

I would call this concentration music -
if it wasn't for all the crazy imagery. Love this track.

Zoos of Berlin - Electrical Way
from Pomp&Clout

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Zoos of Berlin at Great Scott - 4/8/10

Photos by Mark Jenko

Zoos of Berlin
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