Titus Andronicus in Boston

Shows Worth Your Time
by Emma Dessau

As a native of New Jersey, I have to get excited when a truly exemplary band introduces itself to the world hailing from that parking lot between New York City and Philadelphia I call home. Not only does Titus Andronicus come from a town a mere 20 minutes away from my hometown, but their single “A More Perfect Union” was seemingly written to narrate my frequent trips to and from Boston. Unfortunately, there will always be more counting cars on the Garden State parkway and waiting for the Fung Wah bus to carry me to who-knows-where. But Titus makes that truth a little less unappealing.

with Free Energy
Saturday, August 21
Royale Boston
18+/ Tix $15
5:30pm Doors

Still, it is not just my Jersey pride (of which I just do not have much these days..., MTV’s Jersey Shore is on the air, and all) that has convinced me Titus Andronicus is an act to be reckoned with. The Monitor is an incredible record: a compilation of rock and roll badassery with punk power that remains accessible. It is a ballsy move to write a Civil War concept album, but Titus’s lyrics remain literary and interesting, without loosening their stronghold on anthemic instrumentals. They also quote the true hero of New Jersey, Springsteen, without overdoing it the way others (achem, The Gaslight Anthem, achem) have been known to.

For me, The Monitor was a bit of a sleeper, but once I got into it I couldn’t stop listening. After watching their recorded performance of “A More Perfect Union” on The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon a couple weeks ago, I can’t imagine their live show at the Royale this weekend, featuring the support of excellently summery Free Energy, will disappoint.

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