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FOR FANS OF THE ANIMALS and THE BLACK KEYS - When you're a really great band on hiatus and you suddenly let the word slip about your new album and supporting tour... well, let's just say that word travels fast. Despite never having ever seen Cincinnati's The Greenhornes - this is one of my favorite bands of the last generation of music.

The trio of garage rock throwback musicians consists of Jack Lawrence, Patrick Keeler and Craig Fox on guitar and vocals. Astute readers know two of those names; Lawrence and Keeler are members of Jack White- and Brendan Benson-founded Raconteurs. Back in 2005, The Greenhornes released Sewed Souls - one of the best recorders of the last decade. (It's become a bit of a collector's item in some circles.) The band was on their way and they won a spot on tour with the White Stripes. At some point during the tour, Jack White approached Keller and Lawrence - to see if they might want to play in his upcoming band.

I liken the band to the perfect cross between the old and the new. This is a must-listen for fans of blues, soul and rock. (Think The Animals right now!) Welcome back, Craig Fox! The fact that The Greenhornes are back and will tour means two things: This album will be sensational. (First in 5 years) and I will be catching them - hopefully twice on tour. You heard from me!

Dates when I have them.

The Greenhornes
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