David Wax Museum at Newport

Memories of Newport
by Emma Dessau

David Wax Museum

Newport Folk Festival
photos by Emma Dessau

Massachusetts-based David Wax Museum arrived at Newport Folk as underdogs, making their way onto the tucked-away Quad stage through the undying support of their ever-growing fan base," writes photographer Emma Dessau. "Still, if the Magic Hat contest winners (DWM were the last band named to Newport's lineup) don’t end up climbing the ropes quickly after this stellar performance, it’d be a shock."

David Wax, Suz Slezak and Jordan Wax truly charmed their audience as they jumped into the crowd mid-set to perform a few songs among the people who got them there," Dessau continues. "Their Mexicana-folk sound was unique at the festival, and their Sunday morning performance kick-started day two."

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Andrew Bird at Newport Folk 51 - 7/31/10

images by Emma Dessau

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