RSL August 2

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Monday Aug 2nd 18+ 9pm $8
no advanced ticketing.



The Hush Now - The Other Ones
Brand New Single This Week - Unreleased!

On the verge of releasing their new EP album 'Shiver Me Starships' in September, The Hush Now could be Boston's best kept music secret. (Ed's note: Not for Long!) It took a lot of my persistence and, ultimately, a deal with the devil himself to get this show done (it interrupted final recording and mastering of the new album.) But I think you'll be glad I did.

The band: Noel Kelly, Barry Marino, Pat Macdonald, Adam Quane and John Millar are extremely focused and are perhaps their best-ever, right now. Attend on August 2nd, and you'll hear a number of new songs for the first time. This is going to be good!

The Hush Now
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Anna Rose - Picture
Brand New Song!

RSL is very pleased to present White Pony recording artist Anna Rose, a NY phenom on a rapid rise. During her twenty-five years on Earth as what she calls a "rock kid," there have been great passions in Anna Rose's life, and then there has been music. "More than anything, I have always straight-up just totally and truthfully loved it," she says.

Always, she has known she would perform and record as a singer, songwriter, and guitarist-pianist who would release an album such as Nomad, her upcoming debut, which she co-produced with William (Billy) Sullivan, five songs from which comprise her sensational current Anna Rose EP. And always she has been a little nuts about guitars. She started playing at age 5, after an older cousin brought one along to a holiday family gift exchange. Our present to you is Anna Rose and her band's first ever Boston appearance on August 2nd. Be there!

Anna Rose
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DAN BLAKESLEE and The Calabash Club

Ryan Howell photo

I can't believe it's Summer 2010 and I am only just now finding a way to work with Dan Blakeslee - one of New England's finest singer-songwriters, band leaders and storytellers. While some may be unfamiliar with his music, Blakeslee is also an accomplish visual artist. It's unlikely that the concert-going set has missed his artwork. Blakeslee created our custom poster (above) along with countless others - which have hung in venue windows, telephone poles and tackboards across the region for many years now. What makes me so excited to bring you Blakeslee is that he is a kindred spirit. Performance and Community are important themes... His new album is, Tatnic Tales. Here's a short video that gives you a taste of Blakeslee's unique character - and his best music to-date:

Dan Blakeslee
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Monday, August 2nd
9pm - $8 - 18+


Berni said…
Dan is one of the nicest people ever! Thanks for the heads up on the new recording.

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