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Oranjuly bare their power pop souls to all tonight

Over the last two decades here in New England, the music scene has slowly shifted from dissonant punk rock and shoegaze alternative rock to straight rock and power pop. There are some very real reasons for this, but that's not what today's piece is about. In measuring the quality of the current sound, we have seen this spirit of the time picked up by numerous bands with different music aesthetics. Oranjuly join that growing number of modern Boston bands doing their best to represent. Enlightenment occurs tonight at the Middle East in Cambridge.

Oranjuly will unleash their album tonight with a pretty stellar lineup of notables: Everyday Visuals, The Luxury, and Spirit Kid. Expect to be thoroughly entertained. (Doors at 8pm, 18+, $12) As for Oranjuly, this is definitely one for RSL's One to Watch List in 2010. Keep your eyes and ears out for more. More on these cats soon...

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