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DISSONANT POP TRIO GIRLFRIENDS have their shiny, candy pop charm, but they've clearly got a dirty tattooed punk side as well. And we couldn't be happier, for the sound they make is both exciting and right-now. Tracks like "Creep Stuff" (above), interestingly, are strangely reminiscent of Rock 'n Roll's old school past - think the Zombies and the Kinks. And how much cooler can you get than bands that make great music, release it on vinyl AND on cassette?

Girlfriends (Andrew Sadoway, Jen Dowty & Ben Potrykus) represent a celebrated Boston tradition in bands playing it loud and rocked it often. Somehow, despite all the noise, the band finds a way to be different and stand out from the crowd. It's an attractive package. (Is that where the band name came from?) Now you can catch them on the road for a US tour.

The Next 40 Days sees Girlfriends play dates all over the USA (I kid you not, look at that aggressive tour schedule!) There are some pretty distant spots and late night drives ahead. I love it when artists put themselves on the line for their music! Why don't you go out and show them some love?

Jul 8 - Oxford, MS
Red Star Bar w/ Weed Hounds
Jul 9 - Jackson, MS
The Tavern w/ Weed Hounds
Jul 10 - Memphis, TN
The Dairy w/ Weed Hounds
Jul 11 - New Orleans, LA
Circle Bar w/ Weed Hounds, Dead People, The Dives
Jul 12 2010 - Houston, TX
Super Happy Fun Land
w/ Weed Hounds, MUHAMMADALi, the microwaves
Jul 13 - Austin, TX
Club 1808 w/ Weed Hounds, Cowabunga Babes, Literature
Jul 14 - Amarillo, TX
The Basement
Jul 15 - Albuquerque, NM
The Treehouse
Jul 16 - Tuscon, AZ
The Red Room w/ Lenguas Largas
Jul 17 - San Luis Obispo, CA
3069 Broad St. w/ Colleen Green
Jul 18 - Fullerton, CA
White Night House w/ Colleen Green
Jul 19 - San Francisco, CA
w/ Colleen Green
Jul 20 - Oakland, CA
Warehousewarming Party
w/ Colleen Green, Uzi Rash, The Myonics, Warm Blood
Jul 21 - Arcata, CA
A House w/ Colleen Green Arcata, CA
Jul 22 - Portland, OR
Ducketts w/ Colleen Green
Jul 23 - Olympia, WA
Mango House w/ Colleen Green
Jul 24 - Boise, ID
w/ Colleen Green, Mystery Lights, Mean Jeans, Parallels, and Indian Wars
Jul 25 - Twin Falls, ID
The Meth House w/ Colleen Green
Jul 26 - Provo, UT
The Compound w/ Colleen Green
Jul 27 - Denver, CO
w/ Colleen Green
Jul 28 - Lincoln, NE
Cultiva Cafe w/ Colleen Green
Jul 29 - Ames, IA
Ames Progressive w/ Colleen Green
Jul 30 - Minneapolis, MN
Memory Lanes w/ Colleen Green, Sundowners
Jul 31 - Appleton, WI
The BFG House
w/ Colleen Green, Harlequin Kid, Technicolor Teeth
Aug 1 - Chicago, IL
Ronny's w/ Colleen Green, Dumpster Babies, Emily Jane Powers
Aug 2 - Chicago, IL
Crown Tap Room w/ Colleen Green
Aug 3 - St Louis, MO
Lemp Arts w/ Colleen Green
Aug 4 - Indianapolis, IN
Birdy's w/ Colleen Green
Aug 5 - Ypsilanti, MI
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 6 - Cincinnati, OH
Hot Tub House w/ Colleen Green, Vacation, Weird Science
Aug 7 - Louisville, KY
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 8 - Charleston, WV
The Empty Glass w/ Colleen Green
Aug 9 - Smithtown, MD
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 10 - Philadelphia, PA
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 11 - Hoboken, NJ
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 12 - Brooklyn, NY
Death By Audio
w/ Colleen Green, German Measles, My Teenage Stride
Aug 13 - Hartford, CT
w/ Colleen Green
Aug 14 - Providence, RI
The 201 w/ Colleen Green
Aug 18 - Allston, MA
Great Scott w/ Colleen Green, Reports, Eux Autres

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