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RSL heads to Newport Folk 51

51 Years ago, a really small but great idea started out and it lives on today. We are heading out for George Wein's Newport Folk Festival today with the hopes of bringing you some exceptional photographs, stories and first-hand, personal coverage. If you can't be their either tonight (Friday evening is opening night) Saturday or Sunday (one-day and weekend passes are available) then experience it with us:

RSL,Ryan's Smashing Life,RSLBLOG.COM

I've asked all four members of our team to use Twitter to mark down their observations at Newport, to send pictures, collect their thoughts and share discoveries with all of you during the next three days. It's an experiment of sorts. If you are a twitter user - please follow these folks (at least over the weekend). I think you'll find some very good stuff:

Sean Hafferty

Steve Legare

Emma Dessau

Ryan Spaulding


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