WINTERSLEEP in Boston (photos!)

Photographic Evidence
5342 Studios

Great Scott Boston, MA - 6/5/10

Wintersleep sounds better than they have in years!
all photos by 5342 Studios

A Phenomenal Night of Music - On the road these days with fan favorites Matt Pond PA, the stellar Wintersleep played before a packed house at Great Scott in Boston about a week back. My expectations for these northern artisans has always been quite high. Their sound can shift instantly from ethereal and mystical and pounding, rhythmic and raging. Let me tell you - and having seen them several times now - they sound as good or better now than they ever have before!

Wintersleep have a brand new album titled, New Inheritors. We recommend you buy it from Newbury Comics as they offer an online sale on the cheap that will land you a CD booklet autographed by the band! Now that's a sweet deal.

RSL Streaming Photo Album
Wintersleep at Great Scott 6/5/10


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