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Triumph of the Human Spirit - Seattle's Aaron English is one of the most talented piano men I have ever encountered and one of America's finest songwriters in 2010. For the past 5 years, he has been steadily building a buzz in the U.S., thanks to two self-released albums and three national tours. I listened to his music every week since I first encountered him online some 4 years ago. He is better today than ever. So why don't you already know him?

In 2008, English’s 3rd national tour - a string of dates that were to bring him to the East Coast - ended abruptly in a catastrophic road accident on a Midwestern highway. English's restaurant-grease-fueled tour bus and most of his musical equipment were destroyed. Lives were forever changed. For a time, understandably, English's heart for music - and his touring career stalled. Then last summer, English's fans rallied to his aid and funded the recording of Aaron’s third album, American (Fever) Dream. This is the story of Aaron English's triumphant return.

One of America's Finest Musicians

Aaron English hasn't had an easy road

Triumphant & Soaring, Low & Doubting, Always Reflective - these are the various pieces on Aaron English's game board. The elements of this larger than life album demonstrate English is a songwriter for the ages. The songwriter in English challenges the listener with timeless themes (surrendering to love, questioning faith, celebrating life, challenging fear) creating a realm of beauty and escape on American (Fever) Dream.

On Believe, English effortlessly weaves his humanity into both the sky above and a river of emotion at his feet. "Heaven you're a thief, why should we call you friend? / You Take all we love away. / And, we grieve and grieve again." This is absolute must-have material.

Aaron English gets some love on television's Bones

English is the only self-released artist on the Mix Tape

"Aaron English may prove to the most relevant songwriter of the year. His work on the timeless American (Fever) Dream is pure contemplative genius," Ryan Spaulding -

Aaron English
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Wow... This is amazingly good stuff! A great follow-up from the previous album. Aaron's voice is instantly recognisable but the music is so different; moodier and more mature. LOVE it! Heading to iTunes now, and will be asking if I can add any tracks to podcasts.
eMILK said…
super sweet! the sound is amazing
the mix of instruments hit the spot big time
i dig it !

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