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With all the damn music we listen to it's increasingly easy to both get jaded, and worse - disinterested. Not to be bleak, but there is some wisdom imparted by the road. There is so much in the middle - good at least - but not as much that is truly great. So it's the songs and the albums that move us that we must do our best to elevate and share...

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Imagine if you will, that you could form a band and make the sound that you want to. And you could do it with your best friend. Best friends and creative compatriots Katy Young and Rosa Slade, along with drummer Olly Joyce are the UK's Peggy Sue. The new album is called Fossils and Other Phantoms (Yep Roc Records - June 1, 2010) and this material: power folk is some of the best new stuff we have heard this year.

Peggy Sue

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album was released just last week!

Peggy Sue :: Fossils and Other Phantoms by

Emotionally, the album centers on the darker side of love, with sharp-penned one liners smoldering like embers ignited by the breath of Klaw and Rex’s voice and furious strumming. This is a folk wake-up call from Brighton! Fossils and Other Phantoms signals Peggy Sue as one of the UK’s most promising bands.

Peggy Sue play Boston
Paradise Rock Club

Friday June 11 (tomorrow!)
with Buffalo Tom

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