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MUSICIANS REBORN - With the release of Renmin Park, the first of four new albums from Cowboy Junkies, the legendary act have truly started over, embarking in an exciting, new direction.

"For the first time, we are completely free of any recording contracts and obligations. We find ourselves writing and recording more than we have in years, our studio feels more and more like home, and the band now has twenty-five years under the hood and is sounding so darn good," - Michael Timmins of Cowboy Junkies.

This album will soon be followed by Demons, on which Cowboy Junkies will cover the songs of their late friend Vic Chesnutt, who passed away in December 2009. "His catalog is so deep and, for the most part, so overlooked," says Michael. "It will be a labor of love." The final two volumes of the Nomad Series will be titled Sing in My Meadow the contents of which are still being discussed and The Wilderness, a full album of new songs.

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