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Hot Summer Fashion (means Looking Cool)

Hipster Kitty knows what it's like to be on the cutting edge of music and fashion. She realizes that to be trendy means being out in front. And that means suffering the indignation of being judged, from time to time, for her fashion...

When it comes to fashion..., this hipster knows you need to spend money to look good. But you have to look like a cat of the street - a survivor. Jeans should have holes and burns. Sleeves should be tattered and worn. Nothing should ever look unwrinkled or new. Only sunglasses and handbags must look and be expensive. Now you know her secrets.

Pants and shoes - Must have holes.
Sleeves - Shall be tattered.
Hats - To appear sun-beaten.
Designer jewelry - Required vintage, but cheap.

End of Fashion
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Hipster Kitty has an impeccable sense of music taste - and an old soul. Every so often, Hipster Kitty digs out a music track from "the good list. " Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes an old favorite. You never know what you'll get.


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