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Perhaps we are on our own in this wide, sea of new music... Riding the crest of what's new and getting popular, RSL has still been resistant - for the most part - to the cult of popularity rained down on the heads of Brooklyn bands. That doesn't mean, however, that we're immune when the time is right.

, the subject of today's celebration, actually formed in Chapel Hill, North Carolina - but they now very much reside in Brooklyn. And that's where this story unfolds. Kuki and Sandee Kooks (two Indonesian expatriates) joined forces with Ryan Lee Dunlap and Mike Walter to form a really interesting sound. (Think Manchester, UK underground circa early 1980s, with Eastern music - and all the pacing that goes along with it.)

The band-on-the-rise are all about movement of energy. Countering that and courting that approach, Walter's synthesizer creates really large, hollow emotional feel that stirs this drink. The band's new EP, The Age of Discovery, marks a real time of personal and group discovery that I am happy to listen to time and again. I urge you to pick up the album and get ready for more.

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