the 22-20s in Boston

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Great Scott Boston, MA -6 /1/10

22-20s rocked Boston 6/1/10
all photos by 5342 Studios

Beginning today - Now is your chance to stream the sophomore album from England's the 22-20s. The record is the first new collection of songs from the Lincolnshire, UK quartet (one of our personal favorite bands of the last half decade) in six long years.

Shake, Shiver and Moan will be available to buy in two short weeks. Founding members Martin Trimble and Glen Bartup are joined on tour these days by James Irving and Dan Hare. We caught the band in Boston just days ago and thought today would be the perfect time to share our images... All I can say is that this is one band you are not going to miss!

live version - track to be released 6/22/10

RSL Streaming Photo Album
The 22-20s in Boston 6/1/10

The 22-20s
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