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Sometimes the Most Simple of Introductions can be the most effective. And this is the way I found the music of Jake Kerbrat, an underground musician and enlightened soul in British Columbia, Canada. That's pretty much all I know. Jake's a pretty tight-lipped guy, as this is pretty much the only thing he's told us...

"I’ve had two dreams growing up: become a pilot, or a professional musician. I’ve worked hard at both, and I’m currently a bush pilot in northern British Columbia. Flying is an enjoyable job, but I can’t give up on the music just yet!" -Thanks for listening! Jake Kerbrat

Needless to say, this song is undeniably pop-tastic. It's got it's dark under belly and while admittedly raw, it's impossible not to catch the hook. And it signals what could be another great career in music. If you dig, head over to Jake's website and download the new album for free. Don't thank me - no finder's fee needed. I love my job.

Jake Kerbrat
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Ryan Spaulding said…
a year later and still, when I hear this song, it freezes everything up and I have to listen to it all... beautiful ... just such a winner!

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