Local Natives in Boston & on Television

Photographic Evidence:
by Maria Cristina Romero

Great Scott - 5/8/10
on Craig Ferguson - 5/7/10

Taylor Rice of Local Natives at Great Scott

photos by Maria Cristina Romero

Great Scott / Boston, MA
Camera Talk
World News
Wide Eyes
Cards & Quarters
Shape Shifter
Warning Sign
Cubism Dream
Stranger Things
Who Knows Who Cares
Sun Hands

Kelcey Ayer in Boston

Just one night before....

Local Natives are One to Watch in 2010

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Kip said…
Such a good show. And really nice guys too. They make themselves easily accessible to anyone interested in talking with them. We ran in to a women who recently lost her husband and one of their songs resonated with her around the time he passed away. It moved her so much that she made the trip down from I think Vermont to see them. I think this deep connection is what's escalating their status so quickly.

Oh, and I linked to your post since you've got some good shots. Unfortunately that's the one weapon I don't have in my blogging arsenal. Yeah, pretty lame.

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