Hipster Kitty turns up the Heat

Get Your Music From the Hipster Source
You Can't Possibly Be Serious, Right??!

Hipster Kitty is oft misunderstood but that doesn't mean she's wrong - she's just complicated. On a week in Boston with temperatures reaching near 90 degrees, she brings an extra sweater in her messenger bag. Life has proven that Experience is it's own best teacher. The same is true with great music - it always comes back to the beginning...

It's cool to know important music however obscure.
Try to be the first to know everything. (But you knew this.)

The Stone Roses

Hipster Kitty has an impeccable sense of music taste - and an old soul. Each week Hipster Kitty digs out a music track from "the good list. " Sometimes it's brand new stuff, sometimes an old favorite. You never know what you'll get.


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