Gene Dante Bleeds for His Art

Caught On Film:
Images by 5342 Studios

a bloodied Gene Dante at TT the Bears 5/1/10

WE FEEL YOU GENE - On Saturday Night's hugely successful "Drop Ya Mic, Pickup Yer Paintbrush" Art & Rock Show at TT the Bears in Cambridge, we were bowled over by how visually creative our musical brethren were. (Ed's note: I purchased an original piece of art by a local jammer - and many others did the same.) - The real shock of the evening would come close to Midnight during an aria on stage from the howling Gene Dante. During the action, Dante appeared to blow a blood vessel in his upper forehead. We kid you not. Dante seamlessly finished his set (blood and all) with The Future Starlets before cleaning up. Theatrics or a flesh wound? Really - No idea - but this was clearly, one hell of a show.

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